Are you fed up of using your hands or a pair of scissors to get the best out of your flower products? More often than not, without using a great grinder, you might just chop off your entire gram into two halves, stuff one half into the rolling paper, and trash the other half. What a waste, right?

Without an efficient grinder, it is nearly impossible to get the best out of your herb! A good grinder would be the one that has perfectly sharp blades and can easily cut through the dry herb, sift out the nasty chunks and well preserve the extra-potent pollen. The blades of an efficient grinder will leave you with an extra-fine mound of fluffy herb that you could roll, vape, or even bake into a cake!

Easy, peasy, right? No waste, no dirty smoke, and a quick result! Investing in a herb grinder is a great decision, and we are here to help you with it. This post will take you through some of the best herb grinders at the best prices!

1. Medium Herb Grinder Silver 4 Part 50 mm

Available at an affordable rate, this 4-part herb grinder is wholly made from a combination of metals such as aluminum. It has a silver color and is lightweight to carry.

With a 50 mm diameter, this silvery grinder can help you grind your herb in the best way. Accompanied by a kief brush, this premium quality and affordable grinder can be used to grind your bud finely. It also makes for many happy customers and the perfect gift item if you're looking for something different! It makes for one of the best-selling grinders through the low-price range. Click here to check out its price!

2. 2.125" Cookies 2 Piece Shredder Herb Grinder Made by Santa Cruz 1ct

Manufactured by Santa Cruz, this magnificent and consistent herb grinder is a 2-piece appliance made of zero plastic. It is biodegradable and hence, sustainable. It is durable, made of natural dyes, and is easy to operate.

Available in two colors, that of Blue and Red, this 2-piece shredder herb grinder is priced at a very reasonable rate. It is an excellent purchase as it provides higher quality at a low rate. It leaves you with a fine, even, and fluffy grind each time it's used. Buy this grinder here.

3. Thorinder 4 Part Herb Grinder Blue 63mm

This trendy grinder is for all you Thor-Lovers out there and those who appreciate the 'finer things in life! The Thorinder 4-part grinder has a hefty magnetic closure and includes a cleaning tool. It has an ergonomic design and a handy waist that provides  

A Guide to the Top 5 Herb Grinders – 2-piece, 3-piece, and 4-piece.

a good grip. This sleek grinder has the best teeth shape and function, making it work well even when you use it with a sticky bud.

The top of this grinder is clear, solid and un-scratchable, and gives you the perfect view of how well you're grinding your herbs. At 63 mm diameter, this sleek thorinder grinder will be apt for even the most enormous appetites! Click here to have a look at its price. 

4. Puff Puff Pass Aluminum Strain 3 Stage Herb Grinder 55mm

The best choice for beginners and connoisseurs alike, this 3-stage multi-chamber grinder is priced modestly. It has slab cuts on the bottom and top of the grinder to provide the best grip when you grind your favorite herb.

This grinder has peculiar, sharp, chisel-tip, and wavy teeth that can crush the herb pretty quickly, even a bigger chunk at that. The pollen screen along with the kief catcher make it easier for you to filter out the lovely bits that can be scraped off later and saved for reuse with the spatula included with the grinder.

Made entirely of aluminum, these Puff Puff Pass strain grinders are available in various colors such as electric pink, electric blue, electric green, and many others. Choose the one you love from our range here!

5. Large Herb Grinder Aluminum Silver 4 Part 63mm

A larger version of the previous 55 mm herb grinder, this high-selling four-part 63 mm diameter aluminum grinder is everything you have been looking for. This large herb grinder is made up of aluminum, is silver in color and has 4 parts in it.

It is bigger than its counterparts and extremely lightweight at the same time. It has a huge capacity and can churn the herb well, whether you wish to roll it or pipe it. If you have a large appetite, then you'll love this piece! It has a smart design and a classy look with unmatched durability. Check out the price of this product right here.

Now that you know all about the top-notch grinders let us get into which kind of grinder would be most suitable for you.

2 Piece Grinder

If you are old school, you should opt for the 2-piece grinder. It is usually lighter to hold, simple to use, and gets the grind you need. The 2-piece grinders can usually get much more bud ground depending on their size.

3 Piece Grinder

The only way the 3-piece grinder differs from the 2-piece grinder is that it collects the kief with a kief catcher located at the bottom beneath the fine screen. 

4 Piece Grinder

If you love a fine grind and cannot compromise on that, then the high-end 4-piece grinder is what you need. It will definitely crush the bud in a way that gives you a great smoking experience.

This was a brief list of the top-tier and best-selling grinders from the Level Smoke Shop! These grinders are brought to you to help create a finely ground product that enables smooth smoking. However, these are just recommendations, and you must make the purchase depending on your style, budget, and requirement

At the Level Smoke Shop, we have every type of grinder you might require, whether you roll or pipe. You can opt for the perfect one, depending on your requirement! As a concluding thought, we would like to provide a necessary reminder that smoking responsibly is a must.