This blog will take you through two methods to clean your grinder and what tools you will need to do the same. 

Grinding the herb well is an essential step in the consumption process. Efficiently ground herb gives you a smooth smoking experience and helps you get maximum out of your bud. If you don't already know, let me tell you that an herb grinder is the best way to break down the whole herb into smaller, smokable, and manageable pieces. 

Nevertheless, cleaning your grinder is a necessary procedure. If you use a grinder, ensure that you clean it regularly for the best results. In this blog, I will take you through everything you need to know about cleaning your grinder (metal and plastic both). 

Let's have a look at some household supplies you would require to make the cleaning process simpler:

  • Dab tool, metal pick, or toothpick. 
  • Soft paintbrush or toothbrush. 
  • A container is required for holding the kief. 
  • Freezer. 
  • Clean, warm water. 
  • Dish soap. 
  • Isopropyl alcohol solution. 
  • Plastic cutting board or a large plate. 

Cleaning Methods

  • QCG (Quick Clean Grinder) 
  • Benefits – Simple, relatively faster, and efficient. 

    Disadvantages – You cannot harvest the potentially potent plant material in the grinder using this method. 

  • DCG (Deep Clean Grinder) 
  • Benefits – This method allows you to save the residue for future application and use. 

    Disadvantages – Relatively more steps included. It can get a bit time-consuming compared to the previous method. 


    The Quick Clean Method

    Without further ado, let's get into the simple steps to clean your grinder quickly. 

  • Disassemble your dirty grinder 
  • The foremost step of this method includes separating each part/chamber of your grinder carefully. 

    Tip – As mentioned above, this method doesn't allow you to save leftover plant material. However, if you are adamant about doing so, here's a hack for you: Quickly harvest some residue at this moment by dumping it out! 

  • Soak your grinder in isopropyl alcohol 
  • Submerge all the chambers of your grinder that need to be cleaned in an isopropyl alcohol solution by positioning it in a large container. Allow the grinder to soak for about 20 minutes to 30 minutes for best results.

    Tip – Stir the container every once in a while. This will allow the residue to break apart easily. 

  • Scrub your grinder 
  • Spill out the isopropyl alcohol solution and scrub the grinder thoroughly using a brush. 

    Try not to leave any chamber unwashed.  

  • Rinse and dry your grinder 
  • The final step of this method includes rinsing your grinder thoroughly using clean, warm water. Remove all the isopropyl alcohol solution and any plant material residue. Use a neat, clean towel to dry off the grinder. 

    And Voila! With four simple steps, you are done. You are free to start grinding again! 

    The Deep Clean Method

  • Disassemble the grinder
  • The first step is similar in both methods. You need to disassemble your dirty grinder into small chambers/parts (without breaking it, that goes without saying!). 

    A 4-piece/3-chamber grinder consists of the following parts – 

    1. A kief chamber, 
    2. A collection chamber, 
    3. A grinding chamber (These are the three chambers), and 
    4. A lid. 

    Note – If your grinder consists of a removable screen that separates the kief chamber from the collection chamber, then pay attention to what I will say next:  You need to be utmost careful with the screen as it is incredibly fragile. A sharp nail is enough to break it into pieces! 

  • Freezer
  • This step includes placing all the parts of your grinder in a freezer for approximately half an hour. No, the grinder doesn't need to 'chill.' The reason is entirely different. I bet you have noticed all the sticky plant matter that has been adhering to your grinder's surface. This step will help harden it and then remove it.

    Tip – If you own a plastic grinder, handle it with the utmost care. This is because the plastic material will become brittle once taken out from the freezer. 

  • Quick Tap, Brush, and Scrape
  • Tap – Hold the parts of the grinder over a plastic cutting board (or a plate, in case you don't have a cutting board) and tap these pieces gently against the cutting board's surface or your hand.  

    Brush – You should brush all the parts and chambers of your grinder with a soft toothbrush. 

    Scrape – A need may arise to scrape some sticky sludge off. 

    Did I tell you that this step is optional? But, before moving forward, here is something that you need to know: This step is crucial if you want to save some residue for future purposes. 

    Note – Skipping this step might cost you double or triple your time to invest in picking and collecting all the sticky stuff off the grinder. 

  • Time for the water or alcohol to do wonders
  • For metal grinders

  • For killing any bacteria residing in the crannies and nooks, submerge all the parts/chambers in an isopropyl alcohol solution. 
  • Stir the solution now and then, and allow everything to soak until the solution becomes light brown or you notice that the last of the particles have become loose. 

  • For plastic grinders – 

  • Place your grinder in a pot of clean, warm water and leave it untouched for 60 seconds. 
  • Remove the parts using cooking tongs, and place them on a towel to dry and cool. 
  • Count to 500 as your grinder attains the room temperature and is ready to use. 

  • Reassemble 
  • Reassemble all your pieces, and you are free to grind again. Happy grinding! 

    As soon as you grind again with your brand-new like clean grinders, you will notice how smoothly your herb gets churned. The consistency in the size and uniformity of the churned herb will blow your mind!

    It is essential to clean your grinder regularly to enjoy a smooth cannabis experience. You can drive motivation from the fact that you only require a handful of household supplies for the complete cleaning process. 

    Remember, a smooth smoking experience depends mainly on how well you maintain your bubblers, hand pipes, grinders, and other accessories.  And you can purchase the best of these with us at the Level Smoke Shop.