Downstems are used as connectors between the bowl and the bong for a smooth hit. Read more about downstems, its types, and purpose in our blog.

While many of you must already be aware of a downstem and how it is to be used, some of you might be alien to a downstem. It might also be unknown territory because of the number of accessories available on the water-pipe market. But if you wish to enjoy your hit to the fullest, read ahead to find out more about downstems!

So, what exactly is a downstem?

Downstem can be referred to as a long piece of glass that resembles a tube. It serves as an optimal connector between the bowl and the body of the bong or water pipe. Generally, the downstem is made out of materials such as glass or silicone. It is available in various sizes most common being: 10 mm, 14 mm, and 18 mm.

What is the purpose of a downstem?

The primary purpose of the downstem is to connect the water chamber to your bowl, which helps to create an airtight suction as you inhale your hit through the mouthpiece. This ensures that your hit filters thoroughly through the water. Whether you have a bubbler, a dab rig, or a traditional water pipe, the purpose of the downstem remains the same.

What is a diffused downstem?

A diffuser can be used as an attachment to your downstem. A diffused downstem is slightly perforated at the end, which breaks up the smoke for a smooth and cooling effect.

How do I purchase a downstem?

You can purchase a downstem individually, or you can buy a bong or bubbler that has one with it. It is always better to choose a bong/bubbler with its respective downstem to avoid any fitting issues.

Check out some of the best quality bongs and bubblers that come with a downstem.

  • 13" Beaker Water Pipe Ice Catcher Perc with Flower Bowl & Downstem
  • The piece makes for an ideal smoking accessory for any smoker. It is equipped with some cool extras for added functionality and convenience. 

    It has a downstem with a keck clip and ice notches on the tube. You can fill the notches with a few blueberries or ice cubes before hitting it up.  Remove the downstem for easy cleaning and share your bong with friends. This premium quality bong is available at a rock bottom price right here

  • Water Pipe Vodka 9mm Bent Neck 18 Inch with Downstem & Bowl
  • This Water Pipe by Vodka Glass is made of 9mm thick and premium borosilicate glass. It is built with a colorful swirl design at the bottom and a bold and matching logo on its tube. 

    The most likable thing about this bong is that the water doesn't splash into your mouth, due to the presence of a slightly bent neck. It also allows you to use it in a more comfortable, laid-back position. You can place a few ice cubes in the tube for a frosty touch to your hits. 

    If you are looking for a 9mm solid beaker base ice bong that is long-lasting, then this eye-catching piece will tick all your boxes. This striking bong is available in two colors – Red and Blue. You can purchase this along with its downstem and bowl right here

  • Silicone Mini Sherlock Bubbler 5" with a Silicone Downstem 
  • This small yet exotic piece comes along with a flower bowl and a glass-on-glass downstem. It is made from platinum-cured food-grade silicone. It can handle temperatures of up to 400° F, making the piece body completely dishwasher safe. This can become a handy Dab Rig with the addition of a 10mm Male Banger Nail. 

    This is a small as well as great portable smoking accessory. It is easy to handle as well as use, and is both discreet and portable. 

    There are a variety of color combinations that you can choose from. You can get the best of both worlds (pipe & bong) with this beautiful bubbler. 

    Click here to grab this fantastic bubbler right now!  

  • Rock Legends Jimi Hendrix - 12" Water Pipe 
  • This trendy water pipe is made of hand-blown and high-quality borosilicate glass. It has a beaker base design and is equipped with an 18.8 mm ground joint with an inside-cut 18.8mm > 14.5mm slitted diffuser. It comes with a deep bowl and a left-side choke. 

    The downstem of this water pipe is 5.5 inches or 14 cm, which is considered an ideal length. It has a rimmed mouthpiece and possesses ice notches. It is decorated beautifully as the matching black glass accents are present on the bowl, as well as the mouthpiece 

    If you are searching for a highly collectible and unique pipe to upgrade your collection, do not look any further. You can order your Rock Legends Jimi Hendrix - 12" Water Pipe in any of the two different colors available for an unbeatable price right here. 

  • Str8 8" Water Pipe Beaker W/ Ice Catcher - Various Colors
  • This beautiful and classy piece comes delivered with a downstem and a 14 mm male bowl. It comes with an ice catcher breaker and has a 5 ml thick glass. It has a height of almost 8" 

    Available in a variety of colors, it also has a classy logo printed on the glass. Get freshly baked with the Str8 beaker available along with the perfect downstem, right here

    Choosing a good quality downstem is as essential as knowing where to buy one. When you purchase a downstem individually, make sure that it fits your device exactly! Failure to pick the right size can result in having to replace your downstem or the complete device due to breakage or incompatibility! 

    All other things are just a matter of your preferences as long as you are getting the right fit. Whether you are looking for a vaporizer, dab rig, bubbler, or a bong (with or without a downstem), be sure to visit us at the Levelsmokeshop and have a look around. I am sure you would not be able to resist our cool store!