Let's start this blog by thanking the curiosity of the human race that has led to the discovery of many different ways of smoking precious cannabis. This article will be focused on one of the most popular ways of consuming cannabis – Dabbing! Haven't heard of it before? Don't worry. This blog will take you through every aspect of dabbing. 

What is a dab?  

A dab is extracted from cannabis and consists of concentrated and potent resin. Dabbing can be defined as the practice of using this dab. It is generally in vapor or smoke form and is safe to ingest. 

The fact that its effects are longer-lasting and more potent than other forms of cannabis use make it a popular way of smoking. If you think that you haven't ever come across dab, let me tell you that it is also known by many other names such as wax, shatter, honey oil, hash oil, and wax oil.

Some of the most popular dabs

As mentioned above, dabs are available in many types, and each type is popular because of the unique properties that separates it from the others. 

  • Rosin 
  • Live resin
  • Resin
  • Oil 
  • Wax 
  • Budder 
  • Crumble 
  • Shatter

Making Dabs at Home

Read along to find out how you can quickly make dabs at home with limited materials in a short span of time! But first, you need to know what is rosin.  Rosin is similar to shatter, but it doesn't consist of a solvent. Because of this property of rosin, it is considered less risky and easy to produce as compared to other concentrates.  

Materials Required 

Steps to make a dab 

  1. Turn on your hair straightener and set it to a low/medium setting. 

Recommended temperature – Anywhere between 250° F to 300° F.

Allow it some time to heat up. 

  1. Position your cannabis on a parchment paper. 

Disclaimer – Amount of your marijuana >! Width of the hair straightener. 

The above method is not endorsed as it implies pressurizing marijuana for extracting the dabs through heat. 

Tip – You are required to leave some paper space on either side after placing marijuana. This should be done to collect rosin. 

  1. Fold the parchment paper in half. Position your hair straightener such that it aligns up over the cannabis under the parchment paper. 

Compress down until your ear says, 'We heard a crackling sound!'. Set your parchment paper down after few seconds. 

  1. This step is about collecting the rosin. You should notice yellow rosin besides squashed herb after opening the paper. Collect it using a dabber and store it in a vessel carefully. 

  1. Repeat the four steps mentioned above to extract more herbs. It's straightforward – Refold, press, and extract a few more times. 

Are you aiming for a perfect shot at this technique? 

Practice makes it perfect, friend! 

Tip for beginners – Use ready-made dabs before you set out to make one by a DIY method. 

Now that you are all set with a dab that you have made at home, let me tell you how to use these dabs. There are majorly two different approaches to using a dab – with an oil rig and without an oil rig

  • With the help of an oil rig 

  • The most popular method to dab is by using a rig. If you're wondering what a rig is, let me tell you that, it is a tiny glass pipe accompanied by a mouthpiece and a vertical chamber. It also consists of a titanium/glass nail. 

  • How do you use a dab rig?
    1. Fill the rig with water. 
    2. Heat your glass nail to red-hot temperature. 
    3. Apply your preferred concentrate to the glass nail with the help of a dabber. 

    Congratulations! Your concentrate will be transformed into smoke and make for a smooth hit! 

  • Without using an oil rig 
  • Steps to dab with the help of a vape pen 

    1. Ensure that you are using a pen featuring a separate atomizer. You can vape your preferred concentrate by simply accessing the atomizer. 
    2. If you wish to dab via this approach, ensure compatibility between the dab and the vape pen. 
    3. Pick a small amount of dab concentrate with the help of a dabber. 
    4. Dab it on the atomizer coil (unheated). 

    DO NOT let the dabber make contact with it. 

    1. Turn on the vape pen's battery and connect it with the atomizer. 
    2. Attach the mouthpiece. 
    3. Tap on the button and hold on. 
    4. Inhale slowly by putting a mouthpiece to your lips.
  • Steps to dab in a joint

    1. Roll your joint normally and ensure that you limit concentrate exposure to the flame by keeping it away from the lighting end. 
    2. Also ensure that the dab is completely enclosed within the cannabis.
  • Steps to dab with a bowl 

    1. Half pack your bowl with cannabis. 
    2. Drop your dab onto your herb. 
    3. Pack the remaining bowl as well. 

    The steps mentioned earlier will prevent contact between your dab and the flame. 

    Advantages of Dabs 

    • The best thing about dabs is that you do not require a huge amount of concentrate. Research has shown that a small amount of dab concentrate effectively treats pains and aches than other methods. 
    • It has several recreational uses. 
    • It can work as an efficient painkiller. 
    • It is known to be long-lasting and provides an excellent high. 

    Disadvantages of Dabs 

    • Solvents can cause severe damage to the lungs as well as the throat. 
    • The extraction of solvents is a hazardous process. 

    Recommendation – You don't have much experience in such kinds of things? Please buy yourself a ready-made concentrate. 

    • Potent concentrates can produce a significantly intense high. 

    One of the trendiest ways of consuming your herb is by dabbing. This is because it's exciting, efficient, exciting, and easy! Moreover, you can easily find your preferred dab with the wide range available in the market. 

    Make sure you reap all the potential advantages and highs that cannabis offers with the perfect dab. And if you seek the best smoking equipment, The Level Smoke Shop is here to help you with that!