Do you know what is the simplest job in the world? By simple, I mean incredibly simple! 

'Packing a bowl.' Yes, you heard that right. 

But there is a catch: It is easy to pack a bowl, ONLY if you do it step by step in an organized fashion. 

This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about packing a bowl. 

First things first, for the uninformed, here's the basics:

What is a bowl? 

A bowl can be termed as the main component of a bong or pipe. Specifically speaking, it is the part where you pack your cannabis. As you must already know, a bowl is round in shape. The bottom of the bowl leads to the pipe's body. 

Let’s see how you can pack the bowl and smoke a pipe or a bong:

Packing a Bowl in Pipe

Smoking a bowl in a pipe is inarguably the most popular way to smoke cannabis. If you're a beginner in cannabis consumption, you need to know how to pack a bowl. But first, let’s talk about pipes. 

Anatomy of the Pipe

The pipe consists of an inbuilt bowl. This is a deep and round basin in which you can pack your herb. It also possesses an airtight channel that delivers the smoke and air through the mouthpiece. If you're wondering what a carb is, let me tell you that it is a hole present on the side of the bowl. It helps control the airflow to fill the pipe with smoke. 

Pipes were traditionally used solely for smoking tobacco. They were primarily made of wood, ceramics, and bamboo. But as time passed, most cannabis pipes were made of borosilicate glass because of their versatile nature. These days pipes are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and functionality. For example, a primary type of pipe is called a 'spoon.' This is because it is shaped like a spoon. These spoons are considered the best pipes for beginners as they are small, easy to use, inexpensive, and portable! 

How do you pack a bowl in the pipe?

  • Grind the herb 
  • Initially, you are required to grind your cannabis if you are using a spoon pipe. This procedure is necessary for getting all the pieces of the herb in a uniform and consistent size. But ensure that you don't grind the herb too finely. 

    A good quality grinder can help accomplish this task easily. This can be done by placing the medium-sized nug into the chamber consisting of the grinding teeth. The last step is easy: Twist the cap until the nug is grounded well!

  • Pack your bowl
  • Collect a small amount of herb using your fingertips and place it into the bowl. Tamp it gently using a tamping tool. Don't have one? Use your finger! It works perfectly fine, too. 

    Do you know that wasting precious herbs is a sin? Avoid wastage by placing your pipe in a tray while packing it so that you can easily collect the herb that fell out while you were packing your bowl. 

    Tip – Experiencing difficulty pulling the smoke? You have packed your bowl too tightly, mate! 

  • Smoke your pipe
  • The primary purpose of your both hands: 

    1st hand – To hold the bowl. 

    2nd hand – For lighting a corner of the bowl using a lighter. 

    Your thumb of one hand should be covering the carb hole. And the pipe should be placed on your lips with the other hand. 

    I pray that your herb has sparked by now. Pull the flame away and drag it in with your lungs. Also, remove your thumb from the carb while inhaling, will you? 

  • Ash your bowl 
  • Dump the ash after you have finished smoking so that your bowl can be packed again quickly for the next smoking session. 

    This was the complete process of packing your bowl on a regular water pipe. 

    Packing a Bowl in a Bong

    Bongs and bubblers utilize water to filter cannabis smoke and cool it before inhalation.

    Good news – All the steps in this method are the same as mentioned in the previous method. Well, except step number three. 

    In short, point number 3 is all that matters if you wish to pack a bowl in a bong, which is how you can smoke your bong. 

    So, let's dive right into the process.

    Slide the bowl into your bong's downstem. Use a lighter to ignite your cannabis while putting your mouth to the mouthpiece and inhaling. When you notice smoke traveling from the bowl and floating all its way up through the downstem, start bubbling through the water in your bong. When you are ready, pull in with your lungs and slip your bowl out of the downstem. 

    And that’s about it! You have learnt how to pack your bowl. 

    Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of smoking from glass bowls

    Advantages of smoking from glass bowls 

    • Glass material is known to offer an easy way to smoke your herb. 
    • It does not drain contaminants or flavors into your smoke. You can reap this benefit due to the inertness of glass. 
    • It is re-usable and works without degrading the natural smell and taste of cannabis. 
    • It can be cleaned easily and quickly. 

    Disadvantages of smoking from glass bowls

    • If it's easy to clean, but it's easy to break too! 
    • If you pick a low-quality glass piece, it can even shatter when subjected to intense heat. So be careful, and always go for high-quality glass bowls. 
    • Relatively less portable than other smoking devices because glass is heavy. 
    • Dirt can quickly get accumulated on the device. Sometimes, it tends to get smelly if not cleaned regularly after multiple uses
    However, as always, it all depends on personal preferences! If you stick to the methods, I have mentioned above and follow each step correctly, packing a bowl will be a child's play for you! As for purchasing any smoking accessories and tools, you can always rely on The Level Smoke Shop!