Want to get a level ahead of hitting a bowl or smoking? Then it would be best if you tried a dab rig. Even though it is not for everyone, you learn your way around it! And that will make you warm up to it within no time. 

But first, you will need to know what exactly is a dab rig, its usage, and the most popular types of dab rigs available online. In this blog, we provide you with all the information about dab rigs. 

What is Dab Rig, and how should you use it.

Dab rigs are consumption devices just like bongs. The only difference is that they use a nail instead of a bowl. They are like water pipes fitted with a nail—the nail slides into the stem on the bong. If you're wondering what a nail is, let me tell you that it is usually made of quartz, ceramic, or titanium. It serves as a hot platform where the dabber would drop or twirl the extracts, and the hot nail instantly vaporizes or combusts it.  And you're all set! 

Why you do need a dab rig

If you are into extracts like waxes, crumbles, shatters, sauces, live resins, or rosins, please know that they are best consumed only through a dab rig, also known as an oil rig. The main reason to do this is that high-tech cannabis extracts are not just extraordinarily volatile but also fragile compared to traditional cannabis concentrates. While it is possible to smoke these dabbable extracts, when you consume them with a dab rig, it hits you just right! 

Types of Dab Rigs

The Dopezilla basilisk is a 9" dab rig. Available in two variants - Black and Milky Purple, the basilisk is a beaker swab rig with attractive colored accents on the mouthpiece, base, and its monster logo. It has a drum percolator that makes your hit stronger. 

The 9-inch basilisk beaker comes with a 14.5 mm male quartz banger and a 14.5 mm female joint. A banger is a preferred method of dabbing, making it easier and more efficient to use than standard accessories of the past. Made of high-quality borosilicate glass, it has a beaker base which makes it durable and long-lasting. You can buy it at an attractive price right here.

The latest offering from the MJ Arsenal, this easy-to-carry mini dab rig, is a perfect portable solution. It gets its name from 'Claude,' the original inventor of the ancient Roman aqueduct system. The system has caused a revolution in the movement, direction, and usage of water.  

What's more is that when you purchase it here, you also get a Claude mini recycler rig with a 10mm connection and a 10 mm quartz bucket which is 2mm thick.  When you use this dab rig, the experience you will have is sure to vaporize all your worries and give you a real high. 

The 10-inch tall and straight banshee tube comes with a 14.5mm male quartz banger and 14.5 mm female joint.  It has a simple beaker base and doesn't possess a carb hole. Dopezilla Banshee is made from supreme quality borosilicate glass that can stand the test of time. There is no chance of damage as it is delivered in extra-care, special packaging.

Classy and simple, the Dopezilla, Banshee is a clear, straight tube dab rig with colored accents on the mouthpiece, base, and monster logo. The curved neck mouthpiece protects a splash back during your hit. Banshee has a drum percolator that makes your sensation so fluid that it will leave you screaming for more. Purchase it in the classic black color right here.

Another Dopezilla best-seller, the Ogre, is a clear, beaker-based, straight tube dab rig with attractive and colorful accents on the mouthpiece, base, and the Monster logo. It features a curved neck to make hitting, holding, and preventing splashback more ergonomic. The drum percolator is sure to make your hit so smooth that you will zone out completely. 

Characterized with high-quality borosilicate glass, this 10-inch ogre rig is equipped with a 14.5mm male quartz banger and a 14.5mm female joint. If you're seeking a solid and beastly straight pipe swab rig to add to your glass collection, you've found the ideal piece. Select the Ogre that suits your style as it is available in various colors! Buy the Dopezilla Dab Rig Ogre here.

Famous X has just launched a new collection of scientific style dab systems. This series possesses three minimalist pieces in different shapes with a clear chamber and available percolators. Each piece comes in a practical box that is perfect for transport.

Drip is a small 7" dab rig by Famous X. It is made of long-lasting, superior quality borosilicate glass. Don't go by its size! Even though this small rig is only 17.8 cm high, it offers mind-blowing hits. Drip has a slotted drum percolator that provides additional filtering and makes your impact super smooth. The 14.5 mm inner joint easily fits the supplied 14.5 mm outer quartz banger. 

Each rig is adorned with a black Famous X Brandz logo, making it rather attractive to look at! This mini dab rig is portable and lightweight, and it can serve as the perfect addition to your dab rig collection! So what are you waiting for? Browse all of our Dab Rigs, Pipes & more

You can clean your nail using a cotton swab or ball while it is still warm. If the nail has cooled down completely, you can rub a small amount of alcohol on it to get rid of any sticky stuff there. 

This was your complete guide to some fantastic dab rigs and how they can make your experience smooth. Although dabbing is a relatively new phenomenon, people are experimenting with it increasingly. Make sure you aren't left behind!