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Are you looking for personal grinders that get the job done consistently? Please check out our inventory of 40 mm and 50 mm grinders. One of the main perks about these smaller-sized grinders is their ability to be conveniently packed away for travel. Level Smoke Shop provides 4-part grinders in 40 and 50 mm sizes to enhance your smoking experience. Silver grinders are a staple of smoke culture, while designs from cultural icons such as Cheech and Chong are readily available. Grind like a pro and create a smooth burning product through any one of Level Smoke Shop’s quality grinders.

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Purchasing a 40mm or 50mm sized grinder creates convenience with small size while still providing quality and consistent grinding capability. You can find all of the advanced design features in smaller 40mm and 50mm sized grinders as you would in larger sizes such as 61 mm and larger products. Four-part 40mm and 50mm grinders are the best investment you can make in a smaller-sized grinder as there’s a separate compartment that gathers kief through ground flower. Are you looking to bring your grinder with you on the go? 40mm and 50mm grinder sizes are perfect for travel as they won’t take up a lot of room in your bag and can even fit in some clothing pockets. Level Smoke Shop promotes 40mm and 50mm sized grinders as excellent options for personal smoking.

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