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If you’re deciding to take a look at our inventory of 61mm and larger sized grinders, we know that you’re looking to select a device that can grind higher weights of product. With Level Smoke Shops 61mm and larger sized grinders,  you’ll be able to grind anywhere between 3-7 grams of flower. Four-piece large grinders will give you the most for your money with a kief compartment and two other stages before you receive your ground product. At Level Smoke Shop, we believe that top-tier grinders should provide users with consistent performance and visual appeal. Appealing colors and fan-favorite graphics are just the start of what we offer. 

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If there’s one accessory to invest in as a smoker, it’s a quality grinder. Level Smoke shop understands that quality grinders are an essential tool in a smoker’s inventory. That’s why we work to provide large sized grinders with top of the line capability. With a larger sized grinder, you can sufficiently 3-7 grams of flower in one sitting. We recommend going with a three or four-part metal grinder to receive the highest amount of value for your dollar. Metal grinders have strong teeth that mitigate the grinding process and leave you with a consistently fine product.

If you’re going to go for gold and purchase a large metal grinder and love to roll, we recommend pairing your purchase with a large-sized rolling tray to fully optimize your setup. Say goodbye to breaking up flower with your hands or scissors. We understand that a certain percentage of smokers may be looking for the most cost efficient option in attaining a large-sized grinder. In response, Level Smoke Shop provides acrylic grinders with original designs to spice up your smoking accessories. Achieve a smooth smoking experience with one of Level Smoke Shop’s grinders. 

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