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Pre-roll cones have grown exponentially in popularity during recent years. Smoking with a cone shape allows a user to achieve a more uniquely shaped smoking experience, and often, pack more cannabis into the pre-rolled cone shape. If rolling by hand isn’t your game, yet you love smoking papers, cone-shaped pre-rolls could be the perfect option. There isn’t any rolling skill required when using pre-roll cones. All a user has to do is disperse ground flower within the pre-formed cone shape before twisting the top as a means to seal the design for smoking. Pre-roll cones tend to be packaged individually as a means to protect the somewhat fragile design and formation of the cone shape. The cannabis packaging industry has more than caught up with the trend of smoking via cones. Top-notch brands including Raw, Elements, and Futurola all feature pre-roll cone items, and Level Smoke Shop is proud to provide those items for dedicated fans. 

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Level Smoke Shop is aware of how smokers love the convenience that pre-roll cones provide. With the unique design that pre-roll cones present, it's easy for smokers to pack a more significant amount of cannabis with a cone than the design of a standard-sized 1 ¼ inch paper. One perk of having so many cone products to choose from via Level Smoke Shop's inventory is selecting pre-roll cones from your favorite brands. Leading paper companies, including Raw and Futurola, understand how popular cones have become for smokers. 

Selecting pre-roll products from reliable companies such as Zig-Zag gives you peace of mind that you're consistently receiving quality products. Like standard papers, pre-roll cones tend to be sold and selected in 1 ¼ inch, and king-size varieties. Consider choosing one of Level Smoke Shop's hemp cone offerings if you're looking to skip out on the additional chemicals that bleached papers contain. 

We recommend you use a metal grinder to finely ground your flower before packing your cone pre-roll as you'll create a smoother smoking experience while being able to disperse more product into the cone shape. Here at Level Smoke Shop, we're happy to provide smokers with everything they need for a top-notch cone smoking experience. 

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