To say that lighters and torches are essential to smokers is an understatement. Too many times, smokers only have 1 or 2 lighters laying around that get easily lost. Even if you don’t lose a lighter, you have to get a replacement when your go-to lighter runs out of fuel. Stay one step ahead of the curve through utilizing Level Smoke Shop’s lighter and torch inventory. Torches have recently become hot selling products for smokers due to the popularization of dabbing. When dabbing concentrates such as wax, a smoker needs to utilize a torch to properly heat and activate the compounds within the concentrate to create vapor for consumption. Who says lighters and torches need to be boring with their design? Add some flavor to your torch and lighter collection with products from Raw and Special Blue. Level Smoke Shop is here to provide all the essential accessories a smoker needs with reliable and uniquely designed products!

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Lighters and torches are two of the essential components of a smoker’s arsenal. While lighters are typically used for consuming cannabis flower, torches are gaining momentum in the smoking community for their ability to heat concentrate products. It’s well known that torches require butane. Save yourself some time and consider purchasing a Scorch Torch Blister Pack that contains butane with your torch purchase. Mini torch lighters can come in handy when you’re traveling. Special Blue offers mini torch lighters in eye-catching designs and colors. Smokers often misplace lighters. Frequently losing lighters can present a problem if you typically own 1-2 lighters at a time. Shopping for lighters through Level Smoke Shop’s inventory makes it easy to stay prepared as consumers can buy multi-count lighter sets in a variety of colors. Half the fun of owning a lighter is the design your device contains. Level Smoke Shop provides access to novelty lighters that add an extra element of flair to your collection. 

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