Stash & storage devices can be an overlooked aspect of a smoker’s arsenal. As a result of neglecting proper storage devices, many smokers settle for household items such as plastic bags to hold their cannabis products. Say goodbye to these old school methods and say hello to Level Smoke Shop’s stash & storage inventory. Whether you’re traveling heavy or light, we have you covered through our extensive selection of storage products. If you’re looking for quality personal storage devices, please take a look at our products from Smokus Focus. You’ll find that Smokus Focus jars are perfect for personal use as they feature an airtight-resistant design with light display capability. Consider our Raw X Rolling Paper Smell Proof bag for discreet and safe transport if you’re on the go and have medium levels of cannabis products and accessories to transport. Those looking to carry large amounts of cannabis products will be good to go with one of our duffle bags that contain advanced levels of storage technology. Level Smoke Shop’s duffle bags such as the SKUNK Midnight Express offer smell and weatherproof abilities, anti-tear fabric, an interior stash pocket, and much more. 

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At Level Smoke Shop, we know that smokers have varying needs when it comes to sufficiently storing cannabis products. If you’re looking to store small, medium, or large amounts of cannabis products, Level Smoke Shop has what you need. Smokers looking to store smaller amounts of cannabis products should look at small Raw pouches, Raw backpacks, or Smokus Focus jars. For medium levels of storage, glass display jars or lockboxes are excellent options. When it comes to prepping for large amounts of cannabis storage, consider products such as our SKUNK Smell Proof Sling Bags for top-of-the-line capability. Some of Level Smoke Shop’s stash and storage inventory emphasizes discretion, while other products promote the display of the product. Products such as our Smokus Focus Launchpad Jars display your cannabis in the most lavish way possible. It’s easy to take Smokus Focus Launchpad Jars on the go with a convenient carry cable pouch. 

Our stash and storage products are just as stylish as they are efficient. Through browsing our inventory, you’ll find that our stash and storage products feature unique designs with plenty of color selection. Storage devices such as the STR8 10” case are offered in eleven different colors so you can protect your stash in style. Level Smoke Shop is happy to help smokers everywhere provide themselves with quality and reliable storage devices for their cannabis products. 

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