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If you’re a fan of dabbing, you understand the importance of owning a reliable torch. Smoking cannabis concentrates is a different process than consuming cannabis flower. While bongs and concentrate rigs share some similarities in design, how they function differs slightly. Torches serve to speed up the preparation process of dabbing. A user needs to heat the cannabis concentrate to activate the compounds and turn the product into vapor for consumption. To consistently achieve positive results when dabbing, a user needs a reliable torch. Level Smoke Shop makes it easy to find an optimally designed torch. All you have to focus on is which quality product suits your preferences. 

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Level Smoke Shop is here to provide fans of dabbing with everything they need to get the job done. From rigs, to torches, it’s easy to achieve a positive dabbing experience through use of our products. Torches are essential due to their ability to heat concentrate products and activate them for consumption. Level Smoke Shop works to ensure our torches contain the same amount of visual appeal that products such as lighters contain. Through browsing our torch inventory, you’ll find products in a wide spectrum of colors from market leading companies including Eagle and Whip It. Since torches tend to be larger than lighters, people may think these accessories are inconvenient for occasions such as travel. Level Smoke shop offers medium-sized torches to make storage and travel a stress free experience.

Elevating your dab game through use of our torch products has never been easier. 

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