Rolling has evolved into one of the most popular ways to prepare and consume cannabis for smoking. Having the ability to roll with wraps, papers, or paper cones elevates a smoker's rolling game as people can choose a variety that suits their preferences. There are pros and cons to different types of rolling materials. Packs of papers are the cheapest as users can acquire 35-50 papers on average with each package. Since papers and wraps require a certain level of skill to roll by hand, some smokers prefer using pre-rolled cones as all you have to do is disperse your ground flower within the pre-rolled cone structure. With the popularity of wraps, hemp and CBD wraps have grown in prominence on the market. If you're looking to skip tobacco wraps for health reasons, consider picking up some hemp wraps. Level Smoke Shop takes rolling seriously. We hope you're pleased with the extensive selection we offer as we work to cater to every type of smoker. 

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Level Smoke Shop recognizes how culturally significant rolling is within the cannabis community. Whether you prefer to roll with papers, wraps, or pre-rolled cones, Level Smoke Shop has you covered. We go above and beyond with the selection of rolling products we offer to make sure every type of smoker has access to their favorite products. Papers are a staple of cannabis culture. 

We offer fan-favorite paper brands that include Raw, Zig Zag, and much more. If you love smoking a well crafted rolled joint but are in the starting phase of developing your rolling skills, please check out our rolling machines. No rolling ability is required to use any of the rolling machines we offer. All you have to do is load ground flower into the machine, line up your paper, then roll both sides of the machine toward you for a perfectly rolled joint.

We’re aware of the subtle differences in papers at Level Smoke Shop. If you’re looking to skip bleached papers that contain extra chemicals, consider selecting one of our hemp-based papers for a healthier option. Wraps are equally as popular as rolling with paper. Similar to our organic hemp papers, hemp-based wraps offer a more natural smoking experience. If you’re looking for convenience when rolling, please take a look at our selection of pre-rolled cones

Pre-rolled cones offer a unique smoking experience that mitigates the rolling process for a smoker. All you need to do is grind your flower and pack it within the cone structure before wrapping the top portion by utilizing pre-rolled cones. Level Smoke Shop is excited to bring top-tier rolling products and accessories to smokers everywhere. Our digital marketplace makes acquiring your favorite rolling items a simple task. 

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