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With the high number of different grinders on the market today, you might be wondering what the perfect middle ground size is. 51mm-60mm sized grinders are a great size option as you can grind more flower while the device is still small enough to be packed away for travel or storage. Medium-sized grinders can grind 2-3 grams of flower at a time and are perfect for handling small amounts of product. If you’re looking for a top of the line grinder, we recommend selecting one of our many metal grinders. 

What you get with a metal grinder is durability and sharp metal teeth that make grinding even the thickest flower quick and straightforward. Four-part grinders designed to create a finely ground product while having the ability to collect kief. While a metal four-part grinder may be slightly more expensive than your typical two-piece grinder, you’ll be getting more value for your money in the long run. A metal three or four-piece grinder is durable enough to take a beating over time and while providing a consistently ground product.

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With varying sizes of grinders available, you might be wondering how to choose the right size for you. When in doubt, 51mm-60mm grinders offer a perfect size for personal use. With a 51mm-60mm grinder, you won’t be as restricted with the amount of flower you can grind at one time compared to a 40mm grinder. Level Smoke Shop understands that metal grinders are what most smokers are looking to pick up. It’s no secret that the durability and functionality a smoker receives with metal three and four-part grinders pays for itself over time. Metal grinders feature sharp teeth that can grind any variety of flower so that you’re ready for a smooth smoking experience. 

The metal grinders we feature don’t stop at their performance. We select unique and original designs so you can add some personality to your smoke accessories. A reliable grinder can last you years. If you tend to use grinders for rolling, please take a look at our selection of rolling trays  to complement a new grinder.  Check out Level Smoke Shop’s 51mm-60mm inventory to select the size and style of grinder that’s right for you.

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