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Proper stash storage and transport equipment can occasionally be overlooked as an important accessory within a smoker’s arsenal. Level Smoke Shop’s extensive inventory of storage and transport products for your stash is a great way to learn about ways to elevate your game. When people think of storage and transport products for their stash, they usually think in terms of convenience, discretion, and the ability to keep products fresh. While all of these elements are important components of cannabis storage and transportation products, style should be equally emphasized. If you’re looking to be low-key in the way you store and transport cannabis, neutrally colored products such as VAULTZ Everyday Cases and Skunk Sidekick Cases are excellent options. Smokers looking to store and transport cannabis products with an extra element of style can find uniquely designed products within our inventory from fan favorite brands including Raw. At Level Smoke Shop, we’re aware of all the different ways people enjoy consuming cannabis. Smoke methods such as vaping and dabbing have steadily risen to prominence in recent years. That’s why we provide products that tend directly to these styles of smoking with bags such as the Vapor VAULTZ Locking Pouch. Level Smoke Shop is happy to be your go to destination for market leading stash storage and transport products. 

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Level Smoke Shop has everything you need to keep your stash stored safely, efficiently, and discreetly. We understand there are occasions when you need to take your stash with you on the go. While the task of transporting your stash seems simple, problems can crop up such as smell, or inconvenience in handling during transport. If you’re planning on storing and carrying a large amount of cannabis, feel free to check out our SKUNK Midnight Express Duffel bag. There are numerous added perks with the SKUNK Midnight Express duffel, including smell and weatherproof design, an interior stash pocket, anti-tear filter netting, and much more. We make it just as easy to store and transport smaller amounts of cannabis. SKUNK Elite Backpacks are stylish and discreet, while lockboxes provide plenty of security. We diversify our stash and storage products at Level Smoke Shop so you can easily find the correct product to match your needs. 

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