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Dab tools are designed to mitigate the process of preparing and enjoying cannabis concentrates. Otherwise known as wands or dabbers, dab tools are designed to pick up and transfer concentrates from their container to a dab rig nail. Wax or shatter are two of the most common varieties of concentrates that smokers use dab tools to handle. It’s recommended that fans of dabbing utilize dab tools, so they don’t burn their hands on a rig’s heated surface when transferring concentrates to the nail. Steel and aluminum are common dab tool materials due to their ability to endure the heat. Level Smoke Shop provides fans of dabbing with an excellent selection of dab tools so you can optimize the efficiency of your dab setup. A skilletools travel set is a great option when on-the-go, while single scrape and dab tools are a simple and straightforward solution

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With the growing popularity of dabbing, Level Smoke Shop recognizes the importance of providing concentrate smokers with the proper tools that help get the job done. Dab tools are alternatively known as dabbers, scrappers, or wands, and serve to scoop concentrate out of its container and transfer the product to the dab rig nail. It’s essential to utilize dab tools so you can avoid making a mess when handling sticky concentrate materials. What makes dab tools especially useful is their heat resistant design and materials. Handling concentrates via dab tools helps a user not burn themselves when handling concentrate. Level Smoke Shop provides dab toolsets and single tools to meet your specific needs. Selecting a dab tool kit allows a dab user to own several dab tools in various sizes to optimize your dab experience for a more extended period. Single dab tool selections from Level Smoke Shop provide a quick and reasonably priced way to meet your dab needs.

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