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 Blunt wraps are typically made out of tobacco and are used to roll cannabis. Smoking with blunt wraps was first popularized in New York City. It didn’t take long for the blunt wraps to spread from the East Coast to the West Coast and become popularized in smoking meccas such as Southern California. Since blunts have become a staple of smoking culture, cannabis packaging and product companies have worked to evolve the niche of wraps. While most people think blunts are primarily made of tobacco, smokers nowadays can select natural hemp wraps containing a healthier, smoother smoking experience. Level Smoke Shop is proud to provide wraps and relevant accessories to elevate a smoker’s experience. 

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Level Smoke Shops understands that blunt wraps are an essential component of the modern smoking experience. While papers were the first rolling method to rise to prominence, blunts and papers are equally popular today. Even though most people consider blunt wraps to be tobacco-based products, the wrap industry has evolved to produce natural, hemp-based products. At Level Smoke Shop, we offer opportunities to purchase wraps in different sizes. Slim pre-rolls from companies such as King Palms are great for personal smoking, while king-size wraps allow you to maximize the amount of flower you can pack within a pre-roll. It’s never a bad idea to pair a wrap purchase with cooling filters to create a more mellow smoking experience. Our selection of rolling trays can help mitigate the rolling process by creating easy cleanup and increased organization levels with your smoking accessories. Set yourself up for a top-tier rolling experience through Level Smoke Shop. 

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