If you’re looking for top-level protection when it comes to storing your cannabis products, look no further than STR8 Protective Hard Shell Cases. STR8 Hard Shell Cases are superior due to their ability to combine high levels of durability and protection with travel capability. All of Level Smoke Shop’s STR8 Hard Shell cases provide handles for easy on-the-go travel. Some of the features that make STR8 Protective Hard Shell Cases appealing are pre-cut foam for layered protection, multi-layer outer dimensions, and temperature resistance. Level Smoke Shop even offers STR8 cases for dab concentrate products. For top-of-the-line security in protecting your cannabis products, STR8 Protective Hard Shell Cases go above and beyond in their design and capabilities.  

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Level Smoke Shop provides a number of STR8 Protective Hard Shell Cases for smokers looking to supply ultimate levels of protection for their cannabis products. It’s time to say goodbye to old-school, DIY methods of storing cannabis. STR8 Protective Hard Shell Cases are not only high-performing, but they’re also stylish. 8” STR8 Protective Hard Shell Case selections through Level Smoke Shop are offered in 11 different colors to spice up the visual elements of your stash storage devices. The most sizable STR8 carry case that we provide at Level Smoke Shop is the 17” Case with three-layer pre-cut foam. We recommend that fans of dabbing check out the STR8 Blazer Big Shot Torch Case. Some unique features you receive when purchasing the STR8 Blazer Big Shot Torch Case include auto ignition, an adjustable flame, ergonomic design, and more. For long-lasting effectiveness and extreme levels of durability, consider purchasing a STR8 Protective Hard Shell Case for your stash’s storage. 

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