With Level Smoke Shop’s top-tier selection, you no longer have to use scissors or your hands to grind up flower products. Level Smoke Shop is interested in providing smokers with different styles of grinders that all share the goal of creating a finely ground product. When your flower is ground sufficiently, you’ll find that it’s easier to achieve a smooth smoking experience. Whether you’re rolling or utilizing a pipe to smoke, all methods of smoking benefit by prepping with a grinder. We offer plastic and metal grinder options with different levels of compartments so you can experience added benefits, including kief collection. Please take a look through our inventory to find a grinder that’s right for you

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Rolling trays are a cultural hit among cannabis smokers. Having the ability to contain your rolling supplies and ground herb makes cleanup an easy task and keeps everything organized. Glass rolling trays take rolling to the next level by combining style with resilience. You may not be able to toss glass rolling trays out a window like you can a plastic or metal tray, but many modern glass rolling trays are designed with extra thick glass, so you don’t have to worry about the product being too fragile. Glass rolling trays will be great for the long term as they’re less prone to wear and tear effects compared to cheaper materials such as plastic. The unique glass tray designs offered through Level Smoke Shop’s inventory combine resilience with creative styling.
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