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Every smoker places value on the lighters they own as they allow them to consume their favorite cannabis products. Smokers who utilize lighters occasionally run into issues. One of those issues is wind. MK Jet helps present a solution to weather elements such as wind with their Jet Windproof lighters. Once you find a lighter that’s right for you from Level Smoke Shop’s inventory, it’s easy to stay stocked up. Level Smoke Shop customers can select multi-counts of lighters so you don’t have to drive to the gas station every time your lighter runs out of gas. We even offer refillable lighters for long-term use. Here at Level Smoke Shop, we’re proud to provide smokers with lighter products that create a top-notch smoking experience.   

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Level Smoke Shop doesn’t overlook the importance of owning lighters. From fan favorite classics, to modern and innovative products, we have you covered. Torches aren’t only for dabbing. Clipper offers metal jet lighters that are clean in their appearance and efficient in their ability to produce contained torch flames. Your personal lighter collection should be anything but boring. Stick out from the pack with uniquely designed lighters that add an extra element of fun to your smoking experience. Have you ever considered pairing a case with your lighter? Storing your lighter in a case protects your lighter and makes the device easy to keep track of. For a visual appealing lighter design, simple functionality, and minimalistic storage, we recommend the Clipper Full Metal Ice Mix Lighter with a case. You can purchase up to 12 of these items at a time. If you end up enjoying the Clipper Full metal Ice Mix Lighter, stocking up is a great way to cover yourself for the long-term. Level Smoke Shop works to elevate your overall smoking experience through offering quality products that are essential to a smoker’s collection. Lighters are built for convenience. We make the experience of purchasing lighters equally as convenient. 

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