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Water pipes or bongs are commonly used to smoke cannabis and are filled with water that serves to chill the smoke passing through. Cannabis smokers love utilizing water pipes due to their ability to produce more significant levels of smoke that lead to enhanced effects from flower or concentrate products. What makes water pipes especially useful is their ability to use lower levels of product. While rolling with papers or wraps can lead to plenty of smoke, the downside of rolling is the user tends to go through cannabis at an accelerated rate compared to water pipes. MJ Wholesale is proud to provide an extensive inventory of water pipes in different sizes and designs to suit your preferences. 

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It’s no surprise that water pipes are a staple of the cannabis community. Water pipes allow a user to generate higher levels of smoke while using up lower levels of product. Enhanced effects, and a higher amount of product conservation. Who could argue with that? Since water pipes tend to be made out of more fragile materials such as glass, Level Smoke Shop helps smokers stay protected with water pipe products featuring extra thick glass. Level Smoke Shop understands that purchasing a water pipe is an investment. That’s why we work to provide you with durable products that will serve you in the long run. Whether you prefer cannabis flower or concentrates, Level Smoke Shop has options to suit both styles of smoking. It’s always a good idea to compliment your water pipe purchase with lighters or torches. At Level Smoke Shop, we value creativity and innovation. All of our water pipes feature creative and unique designs that stick out from the crowd of typical pipe products. Repping products endorsed by the Chong duo or your favorite mainstream brands will add an original touch to your smoking experience.

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