Medium Rolling Trays - Wholesale Rolling Trays for Dispensaries, Resellers, and Consumers. We offer wholesale rolling trays and supplies for your rolling needs. Our trays are available in many sizes and brands! We have a huge selection of Rolling Tray Characters, Images, and Shapes. 

Level Smoke Shop’s selection of medium-sized rolling trays serves as a perfect middle-ground for dedicated fans of rolling. Medium-sized rolling trays provide some extra room so a smoker can store additional products or share the tray with other people rolling. Medium trays measure 11” x 7.5” inches on average. There are so many rolling tray designs on the market, so why pick a boring one? Here at Level Smoke Shop, we work hard to present fans of rolling with uniquely designed items that provide a visual flare. Show your love for classic smoke characters such as Tommy Chong or rep your favorite brands through Level Smoke Shop’s extensive selection of rolling trays.

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Medium-sized trays are the ideal sized tray for any rolling enthusiast. The reason rolling trays are such a significant hit within dispensaries and head shops is their capability to help a smoker keep all of their rolling products organized within a confined space. The result is an easy cleanup as the ground-up flower is contained within the tray along with other rolling accessories. While small rolling trays are best for one person, a medium-size tray creates the ability to share a rolling station with multiple smokers in a more social scenario. Level Smoke Shop understands how vital brand loyalty is to many smokers. Within our medium-sized tray inventory, you’ll find several products that feature fan-favorite smoking brands, including Zig-Zag, Raw, and OCB. At Level Smoke Shop, we’re proud to bring you a wide selection of rolling tray products so you can select a product that suits your personal preferences and elevates your rolling experience.

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