Large Rolling Trays - Wholesale Rolling Trays for Dispensaries, Resellers, and Consumers. We offer wholesale rolling trays and supplies for your rolling needs. Our trays are available in many sizes and brands! We have a huge selection of Rolling Tray Characters, Images, and Shapes. 

Level Smoke Shop is happy to provide large-sized rolling trays for smokers looking to elevate their rolling game. It’s no secret that rolling trays make the process of rolling with wraps or papers less messy and convenient. With a large-sized rolling tray, you can roll personally, or be a major hit at a party. Large rolling trays tend to measure 14”x11”. Part of the fun of selecting a rolling tray is picking a design that represents your personality. We provide a plethora of originally designed trays from top cannabis accessory brands so you can roll in style. 

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Level Smoke Shop recognizes the role that rolling trays play in making a smoker's experience more convenient. Rolling with wraps or papers can get messy. Even if you have a flat surface such as a table, dumping ground-up flower and rolling can make clean up more of a headache than it needs to be. A large rolling tray gives you all the space you need and then some to keep your flower and rolling accessories contained and organized. Original and artistic rolling design is a significant component of what draws smokers to purchase trays for personal use. Utilizing a large tray allows you to show off cool designs from top name brands such as OCB while you take your rolling experience to the next level.

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